Let me first say that I am not a professional reviewer. I simply enjoy reading. The reviews will be my opinion and my opinion only. My opinion is going to include those things I liked and disliked. I’m attempting to work both ends of the problem towards the middle. At one end the helping the unknown author get exposure, and on the other end being a reliable source of information for other readers like myself. Which means I have to be completely honest in my opinions.

Types of books I’ll accept.

The truly independent author-those self-published. I will not accept for review any books that are associated with a publishing house. Even the ‘indie’ houses.

As far as genres go I will accept any fiction except erotica, horror and steamy romance novels.  Non-fiction such as auto-biographies, or true-life stories.

Submitting a title for consideration:

If you would like your book reviewed, then please submit a request to Please include the title, the genre, the word count, and the description. If I decide to review your book I will send you an email with a request for a copy of the book, a jpeg of your cover art, and the following optional information: links and locations of sites where the book can be purchased; links to any author pages, personal blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc .; and a short bio. Readers follow authors they like, and the more information you can supply, the greater the opportunity to keep them updated as to your new books and aid them in finding your previously published works.

What Formats I Will Except:

Titles already published: ebooks formatted for the Amazon Kindle only. You will need to gift it to me. I’m sorry but I will not accept it any other way, as I want to see exactly what the customer is going to see when they download it. Formatting affects the reading experience, so it will be included in the review.

Unpublished titles: An .htm or .html file.

Once Reviewed:

Once my review is finished I will send you an email letting you know the date it will be posted, and a copy of the review. If I happen to run across any typos (if they’re not too numerous), I will include these in the emails also, so that you will be aware of them. I will also include any other opinions that I have that I think may help you, but that wouldn’t normally end up in the review, such as the description is too short, etc.

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