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Descriptions Are So Important

What a book description should do is pretty self-explanatory and I don’t have a lot to say about them, other than there are a few things the self-published author ought to know.

Many book descriptions will include the reviews for the book.  In  general, I don’t have a problem with authors doing this.  However, I do get annoyed when the review come before the description.  I’ll tell ya, it doesn’t matter how much people liked your book, if it’s not about something that I’m interested in reading, then I don’t care what they have to say.  Reviews do have their place, but please put them after the description.  Otherwise instead of impressing me, you’re annoying me.  Which is not a reaction you want from a potential buyer.  

That’s a petty annoyance, and one that I can live with, but don’t enjoy.  The next and last is a definite . . . 

Deal Breaker.

I will drop your book like a red-hot potato if the description of your book is a one-liner.  Reason being is that I figure if you can’t write a decent description, then you can’t write a decent book.  And that’s it for me.  I just click right off that page, and start the whole cycle all over again (with someone else’s book).  So make sure you spend that time on the description, it’s worth it.