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Demon Gates (Book One in the Nexus War Saga) by Robert Day

4 out of 5 Stars

Genre:  Fantasy    Word Count:  150,000

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An old evil is arising, and the people of Kil’tar are ill-equipped to deal with it.  The ones who should have the knowledge and strength to deal it with it have forgotten and grown weak.  The unsuspecting who are forced to deal with it need to learn and train.  Yet all will need to fight.   Some will live.  Some will die.  This is a story of that time.


With the evening  came the eventual rise of the brother moons, shedding their mystical luminescence over the land, turning the lifeless scene below into one of eeriness as the orange glow bathed the ruins.  Valdeiron dozed restlessly, waking as the waning moons were almost touching the grey outline of the dawn-filled horizon.  He could not remember how long he waited and watched; only that neither sight nor sound had he seen of Cash or Trolls.  Ruing the missed rendezvous, the shouldered his pack and rose, stretching against the light of the new day.  Turning his gaze again to the south, he pictured in his mind what roads lay beyond the horizon.


Robert Day is a very talented author whose storytelling abilities are refreshing and, for the most part, unique.    There are some similar scenes between this novel and those in  Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.   And while Day does a good job with the combat descriptions they all tend to end the same way which gets a little redundant  and predictable.  Which is sad because the rest of this book is anything but predictable as Day is a gutsy writer, like George R.R. Martin, in that he is not afraid to kill, or cast off secondary characters.  As a matter of fact, how Day has approached secondary characters in this book is one of the reasons that this book is so good.

Unlike many other novels where the secondary characters reason for being and their actions revolve around the protagonist, in Demon Gates Day has given each of the secondary characters their own stories.  Yes, they are introduced to the reader because they have some connection with the hero Valdeiron, but their fate is not necessarily tied up with his.  It’s more the case of events occurring on Kil’tar and each person has to deal with them the according to who they are and the circumstances in which they find themselves.   While the heroes interests and the secondary characters coincide they stay together, when they don’t they part.  A very rare thing in a novel which makes for a truly good book.   

Content Rating:

The book contains no swearing.  It does have some graphic combat scenes, and there is one disturbing sexual incident.


Weird formatting:  more like its typewritten, then the regular font we’re used to seeing on the Kindle.  It does not include a table of contents, but other than that it’s perfectly fine.

About the Author:

Robert Day was born in Newcastle, New South Wales. His family moved to the small town of Gloucester when he was 10. He was introduced to Fantasy books by a friend soon after, and from then on hardly a day seemed to go by when he was not lost in some fantasy land rather than doing homework or chores. Around age 15 he discovered Dungeons and Dragons thanks to his older brother Jamie, further fuelling his imagination.
It was during a time when he had seemed to have read most fantasy available to him that he thought “How hard can it be?”
The answer being, of course, “Very Hard!”
Twenty years later, after turning what was originally one enormous manuscript into 2 moderately huge ones, he brings you Demon Gates, book 1 of the Nexus Wars Saga. This, his debut Novel, is the beginning of what will eventually be a 5 – 7 book series.
Robert now resides on the Central Coast of NSW with his beautiful wife Kerri, 2 cats, and a border collie dog named Jasper.

If you would like to learn more about this author and his other works you can find his blog at or go to his website at