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Fire in the Blood: Book One of Last Moon Rising Series by Dale Ibitz

4 out of 5 stars

Genre:  YA Fantasy     Word Count:  58,126

Where to Purchase:

Amazon:  $2.99       Barnes and Noble:  $2.99


It’s Haley’s seventeenth birthday, and in a blink of an eye her entire life changes.  She finds herself on a strange planet, inhabited by peoples with strange powers involved in a war that has the capability of annihilating all life, even on the planet Earth.  While Haley is completely in the dark as to what brought this war to be, who the players are, and what it will take to prevent it she plays a key role in deciding the fate of this world and her own. But being a heroine is not so easy, especially when everything and everyone is unknown to her, and she doesn’t know who to trust.


I grabbed the bridle hanging on the stall door, and slid inside.  My fingers shook.  my knees shook.  Even my lips trembled as I talked out loud to calm myself.

“I can’t believe how easy it was to sneak down here, big guy.  I think I even managed to fool Tuggin  Big trick, you know, being that he’s a Menta and has all these goofy powers.  Kind of scary, actually.”

I slipped the bit into his mouth.  “That’s not so bad, is it?”  I looped the reins over my arm, and then flung the blanket and saddle onto his back.  “I mean, not that I’m scared of Tuggin.  He’s just scary-looking sometimes.  I mean, his looks aren’t scary . . . he’s stupid hot . . .but the way he looks at me scares me sometimes.”


Writing in first person can be both good and bad.  If you need to be in the know, then first person is not for you, but if you can really identify with the protagonist, then it’s actually a great way to make this type story credible because you experience and learn things as Haley experiences and learns them.   As that’s all you know you also get to experience the uncertainties and bewilderment that she experiences.  This makes the storyline of a young girl transported to a strange world of which she knows nothing about much more realistic.

The character Haley is very believable and quite likable.  She behaves as a seventeen year old girl who has been  transported to a strange world and has no idea what is going on and who is trying to assimilate everything being thrown at her should behave.  A young girl who only recently was concerned with her hair, clothes, BFF, and the cute guy at school now has to deal with matters of much greater import.  And  Ibitz portrays this juxtaposition very well in Haley’s character.  It will be interesting to see her evolve in the series.

Ibitz also does a good job a presenting a fantasy world.  Unlike some books of that genre which simply add some magic, horses, and inns and call it a fantasy, Ibitz does create another world which has another reason for being:  various peoples, politics, and power that makes that world run.

The only real problem that I had with this book was the interaction between Haley and Tuggin at the beginning of the book.  It took on a more sexual footing and read like a teenage sultry romance novel, add to this the fact that they have  a “kidnapee-kidnapper ” relationship makes it a twisted sultry romance.

Content Rating:

Other than the first part that I mentioned in the review, this book was very clean.


Does not contain a table of contents.  Other than that it is formatted quite nicely.

About the Author:

Dale Ibitz currently lives in New Hartford, CT with her husband, two kids, and assorted pets. In addition to the YA fantasy, Fire in the Blood, she has penned a mid-grade contemporary novel. She is working on 2 more projects (one of which is Book 2 of the Last Moon Rising series) which will be available in 2012. She’s a fan of hiking, reading, seriously good writing, and chocolate! Music is a strong motivator for her writing, and she tends toward alternative metal, such as Puddle of Mudd, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin. and