Sorting Matters

When I go looking for a book it’s usually somewhere that someone has amassed a number of books to be sold.  That could be online, a bookstore, a garage sale, or the library.  Depending on how they have been sorted pretty much depends on what type of book that I purchase.

Sorted by Genre:

My favorite genre is fantasy.  If the bookseller has separated the books by genre, then I normally head straight for the fantasy section.  What this means to the authors of every other type of book is that I have immediately eliminated them from my selection process.  What it also means to those selling books is that you want to make sure that you have you listed your book by genre, so when I’m browsing the book shows up.  I think this is especially important in the online sites.  I’ve noticed the genre missing on some books that I’ve looked at on Amazon.  There’s been some talk that even if you’ve classified your book on Amazon, that sometimes it doesn’t show up.  So it just may be a glitch in Amazon programming.  But if not, then make sure you designate a genre for your book.


Normally where I find unsorted lists of books is at the library, bestseller or editor pick lists, and the Kindle Nation weekly digest of free books.  These types of lists are great ways for authors to reach readers who normally concentrate on a specific genre.  I have discovered some great authors this way.  Authors not in my usual genre that I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.  It’s a nice way to pick up readers who wouldn’t normally read your genre.

Sorted or unsorted are both good the for author, and ultimately for the reader.  Get your book classified so that those that are interested can go directly to you, but also try to get on some unclassified lists to give you a better chance of picking up some new readers.


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