Book Purchasing Decision

Choosing a book to read is really a process of elimination. Following are the steps that I go through when making that purchasing decision. I’ll expand on most of these in later posts and try to explain what happens in each step of the process, so the self-published author (SPA) will better understand how it fits into the book buying/rejection process in order to help them become better publishers.

The steps:

  1. If I’m not looking for a specific book or author, then normally I’m browsing a selection of titles that someone else has put together: bestsellers list, bookstore, library, etc.
  2. If I’m looking at a list that is broken down by genre, then I will generally navigate straight towards my favorite genre.
  3. Where I will start perusing the titles.
  4. Once I’ve found a title that sounds interesting, I will look at the cover to garner more information about what’s inside.
  5. Next I read the description.
  6. Then onto the reviews.
  7. If I’m still interested then I’ll read the beginning of the book.
  8. Lastly, I check the price.

Like I said it’s a process of elimination. Each step of the way I’m rejecting many books to hone on those few that I’m actually going to purchase. So to increase the chances of me buying their book the SPA should pay particular attention the different aspects of the consumer decision making process, so they don’t lose them along the way.


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